I have since the start of lockdown been very interested in getting more from my work to make it a little different. I have had a lot of time on my hands and decided to looking into combining my images to create a new image. This is a gallery of my efforts so far.

These are mostly combinations of two images (all images used are my own work) but some are more complicated composites. Much more to come over time.

Astronomical Clock
A head full of dreams
Time to sleep
Stepping out of Dante’s fire
Time to take flight
Wood Nyph’s
Roman Goddess
Welcome to the pleasure dome
Fly me to the moon
Red hot
Heat and fusion
Dressed only in smoke
Lakeside beauty
Shower time
Flower girl
Lake beauty
Take my mind to a better place
Nature or nurture
Beat of the lagoon
The Dreamer
Portrait of Graffiti
The Machine has eyes for you
Violin dreams

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