Italy Workshop May 2017 Day 2

On day 2 of the first workshop we started the day in the stunning Lake location of Lazise del Garda. Although we arrived early it was already busy but we found a nice quite area near the harbour. 

Again as per the first day I shot most of these images with my Nikon D610 and the Nikon 105mm DC F2.0 lens. Most shots almost fully open to give a low depth of field and bokeh. These images all with the stunning Zara Watson.



As the town has a wonderful lake front with many cafe’s and Italian Gelato is so fantastic we decided to have a Ice Cream which Kevin and I helped the models consume. These were natural light shots as were the above images.


On the lakeside there was a public Binocular set which made a great prop. The sun on the front which has a bright tiled floor was creating a overload of light. So we used a defuser to block the hard light but Amber was still struggling with the reflective light . So these images were a challenge. But it gave a wonderful light. Taken at F5 @ 1/500 sec ISO 100..  Processing done with Nik Colour Efex pro. 

The lake front is just full of possibilities but we really needed the help of shade and found it further down the front in the harbour area.  Shot at F3.5 @ 1/640sec ISO 100 – 105mm

Under the name trees took this of the harbour and Amber .  Love the dappled light of the tree. 

Final shot of the morning was taken in a rush back to the car park to avoid the Traffic wardens. Taken under a shop arch I noticed the Blue material of the sunshade similar to Zara’s dress. So grabbed i quick shot again this was processed using Colour Efex pro. F2.8 @ 1/80 sec ISO 100. 

The second shoot of the day was at the apartments ( Garda Resort Village) here we did a Swimming pool shoot before sunset and Kevin Roche organised the the swimwear. This image was natural light only. I used the lens full open at F2.0 and got down to the pool level to give the blurred reflections in the water. 

The shot below as the sun was highlighting the hair and curves I used the Godex AD200 again to fill the front of the models. 

These images below were taken much nearer sunset and the natural light was assisted with the Godex. AD200 with a soft box to soften the light and also used the Open bulb to help with this rather than the Flash head. 

A great end to the first workshop. 




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