My talks are now available online via zoom at £50.00 per session or in person at your camera club which will be £50 plus 45p per mile for travel.

Talk 1 – This is my photographic journey from 2010 when I joined a camera club and now covers up to 2022 as I now have my EFIAP Bronze qualification.

Talk 2 This is my travelling life through my work and my personal travels around the world the second half is my love of Italy and is continuously updated by ne images.

Coming soon. I Shoot people

I Shoot people this will be all my work in people photography. Over the years I have moved from Street photography to studio work , location shoots. Up to now with my my creative people photography. This can be setup for a talk with no ART NUDE images if that is what you want for your club. So when booking please ask whether the talk will be with Art Nude or not.