Had a great shoot back in July before my life was disturbed by a long and painful move to my new location of Malmesbury in Wiltshire. I visited my old favourite of Windmill Art studio (Unfortunately no longer as it has closed.) 

The shoot was with the stunning Atalanta Smythe. My first time shooting with her but we had met on a number of occations before. The weather was good so we got to work outsides in the grounds and some Art Nude work in the studio.

Firstly we shot around the gardens of the windmill with natural light. These images are all on my Nikon D610 with the 105mm DC F2.0 lens ( My favourite). Loved the textures off the old building and the fields in the background with the  contrast of Atalanta’s smooth light skin


We then moved on to another location that I have used previously and has helped me produce 2 of my best images in the past the famous derelict pool. 

Here I did use a flash my Godex 200 and a soft box as a fill as we had a lot of strong sunlight. This helped with the harsh shadows. I also tried with a mono conversation to do a couple of Helmut Newtown type images which I shot below Atalanta from the bottom of the pool. 

Such a great location. 

Final set we moved into the Studio to do some low key art nude images. My favourite type of photography. We used a black background and two gridded strip lights at either side of Atlanta to create the shadows. It is the shadows the create such wonderful curves and lines in the female nude body. Atlanta was fantastic at her posing after we had gone through some ideas from my mood board. 

All shot at F8 and ISO 100 on my 50mm F1.4 Nikon lens and the D610.