My first post for awhile this is going back to my shoot with the Amazing Bobbi Castle at Pozers Studio near Swindon.  A place I love to work. 

The First set of images were taken with a large Octo box at about 45 deg. to the model to give a little side light. I wanted a vintage feel to the images. These were all shot at F5.6 @ 1/160 sec ISO 100. On my Sony A7Riii with a 85mm prime lens.

The next set of images were to show movement and to create 2 of Bobbi. Here we used 2 strip lights Gridded to reduce spill. The right one was switched on to flash to freeze Bobbi. Then she would dance to the second position and hold at the end. The left strip light only had the modelling light on plus the addition of a light painting effect from a flashlight. The settings were for this F5.6 @ 3.2secs and ISO 100. Bobbi really worked on this and a big thanks for her patience. The shoot evolved with the addition of a glass ball or Apple and the Genie idea came to me. The final Genie image has had a lot of work and was actually 2 images composited then some liquify effect in Photoshop.





Our third set up was using Halfords cleaning cloth I have done this before a long time back so wanted to give it a go again. Lots of this is down to the great posing from Bobbi.

Setting were F8.0 @ 1/160 sec and ISO 100 with my 24 – 70 F4 Sony lens. So i could some in and out for different crops. 

The final set was a high key set up. Using 2 light close to left and right front and 2 left and right for the background. There is a lot of light spill but I love the effect it gives. I went back to my 85mm prime for these shots. Settings were F8 @ 1/160 sec. ISO100.