This shoot was back at the end of 2019 at my home studio in Malmesbury. I had this idea for a few months. So got a costume and made my very small home studio look like a space station . This only goes to show what you can do in a small studio. 

Nadia Achha find her on Instagram @nadiaachha , she was my model for the day and this shoot would not have been possible without the amazing work of Katarina Tukareva the Make Up Artist  for the day find her on Instagram @katarinatuktakevamua.

The first couple of shots were without Katarina’s help , as she setup. We grabbed a couple of portraits. But never a normal portrait when Nadia is in your lens. Single light in a large parabolic soft box. 

Then Katarina did her work and wow she really pulled it off, my ideas came to life. So first with the same lighting and an additional hair light we did some makeup images.  These were all taken with my 85mm 1.8 Prime lens at F4 and Iso 100. Synch speed of 1/200th 

Nadia then squezzed into the Badinka outfit I bought. A lot of stress that it would fit but it was perfect ,with all the pre shoot communications to get the sizes correct. 

So we went to my Spaceship ( The Garage actually or it was before conversion ) 

Three light set up . A modified Gobo light gelled red to give the red light beams on the back wall. A Blue gelled light to the right of Nadia to give the blue skin effect. Then a strip light  for the main light to the front left. These were taken with my Sony 24-105 F4 G lens. @ F4 Iso 100 and 1/200 sec.

I then added a Red plastic neck band and hat made from my Gel material. This made Nadia look like a Space Flight attendant 🙂 

We then moved on to a little light painting. Here I used a light wand which I fitted blue gel to and over lapped to give the bands. So these images were taken at F10 Iso 100 and 10 secs exposure. The light wand was done after the strobes. My studio has been done to be totally dark space with zero light spill. Which really helps with these sort of images.

These final images taken in the corner of my studio with two lights one a Gobo to produce the red light and the main light a strip box gridded. 


Finally Nadia exhausted having a rest on the floor. 🙂