After a few years of trying to get a time to work with each other because of timing and Vanessa’s commitments at the Summer Season in the Verona Arena. We eventually got to shoot twice this year at Lake Garda in May and then again in Verona in September. This was a learning curve for me as I have done a lot of movement dance type images in a studio where flash helps to freeze the action. But the first shoot was in the middle of the afternoon so using a very fast shutter speed and of course a high rate of shots to catch that moment. The sun was an issue but we tried to work in shade as much as possible. The other problem around the lake in May (and Italy’s national day) is the amount of people around so finding locations that had less people. But we achieved some good images and happy with the results.

Our second shoot was in Verona. I scouted a couple of locations in the old part of the city that I have always wanted to shoot. This time the shoot was in the early evening and sunset. So we used a single light after the sun had gone down. So this was more in my area of expertise my wife was in charge of the light 🙂 . I have to admit this was one of the greatest experiences in my short photography life. In these beautiful palazza’s with a amazing ballerina in my lens and the wonderful dance moves heaven.

I have to say a huge thank you to Vanessa and also to her mother who helped with the costume and styling. Vanessa is an amazing dancer and performer and a wonderful person and cant wait till next year.