My first studio duo model shoot which I arranged with the help of my Bristol Photographic Society fellow member and friend Derwood Pamphilon . This was at the amazing space at the Malmesbury studio Heath Farm. First of all what a wonderful experience with these two amazing models who must take all the praise for the images we achieved on the day.

Derwood and I decided to work with with each mode individuallyl first and then to move on to working with them as a duo.

I first worked with Irida on a normal setup for me with a backdrop and strip lights gridded to give contrasting light on her. We then used some natural light on the studio floor.

After about a hour of working with Irida , Derwood and I swapped models so I now I got to work with Beth Kate. This time working on the upper floor of the studio with Natural light and the chairs the studio has which are really great posing tools.

Then I moved downstairs again to work with the roller shutter as a backdrop and using a Gobo light source to give the patterned light.

The final half of the shoot Derwood and I worked together using the Kitchen area as a creative tool. This was my favourite part of the shoot due to the creativity it brought to us all.

I had a few ideas for creative images and we worked on a few of these which worked really well all in all a really great and productive shoot. We will all be working together in June again in an amazing space in London and can’t wait.

Below a gallery of the whole shoot and setups.