I contacted Helen Wykes for a Urbex shoot something I want to do a lot more of in the coming year. This was our first shoot together and I have to say it was so much fun and we produced some amazing work together. 

The First Location was a Pill Box with Amazing Graffiti and wonderful light we were really lucky with the day, we had great low winter sun.For Helen it was not as cold as it should have been on a February day as the temperature was 16C.  I used my 105mm DC F2.0 Nikon Lens and my trusty 50mm F1.4 for the whole shoot. We used only natural light in the pill box I had my ISO set to 400. All images were shot in Manual with the Fstop range around F2.2 – F3.2. I then used the speed to control the exposure. I did try using a tripod for some of the images but in review have found that the lowest shutter speed was 1/80 sec. The Colours and light were amazing as was Helen.

During the time in the Box as I like to think of it. I was taken by the hole in the wall which had a stream of light and wanted to use it but in pure colaboration Helen got out her cigaretes and wow. We discussed pre shoot a take on Helmut Newton. So these images appeared from our work together. The close up images were taken with the 105mm lens at F3.2  1/160 sec at Iso 400. All natural light in Manual. 


We moved on to the second location at a old stables. The light inside was flat so we used the natural light outside shooting into the stables. Also shot in Manual mode at ISO100 on my 50mm Prime lens. Love the mood we achieved here thanks to Helen.

Final location was a room in a collection of buildings but this one the light in the room in the Sunshine was simply amazing. Helen had the idea of moving around the room making various poses. I decided in processing this in this way as the images have a very dark mood and despair . All again in Natural light.


Thes final tow images are Multiple Exposures in Camera this is something I am really enjoying in various modes of photography. 


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