DPAGB First Attempt November 2016

I went to Sterling to have my DPAGB entry assessed. This was my first attempt at a Distinction level having achieved my CPAGB only in April. I think this was my first mistake far to quick a turn around.  I should have given myself more time and maybe to have seen a DPAGB assessment beforehand.

It is very difficult I think to achieve this award with Portraits and Art Nude images this became apparent very quickly as the scores for these type of images were low. I think I have to up the quality of the pictures before attempting again or make better selections. At first I was thinking of never putting myself through this again but with time I can see that this will only make my work better and better.

It is dissapointing that us Studio workers having to be marked as I think in a more harsh way than Nature photographers and typical Camera club type of imagery ( Old people in re-inactments and asian or african people on location) . But I will use this as a incentive to up my work to the next level. Below are my images and there scores. For those who don’t know you need to achieve a average score of 20+  to give a total of 300+ for the 15 images. I achieved 258 which I still find a little embarrassing .  But as someone said to me before the weekend this result did not make me a worse or better photographer Thank for looking.  


Framed Nude
Score 17/30
The Cloaked Lady
Score 20/30
On the spot
Score 22/30
Simply Amber
Score 13/30
Damme at Sunset
Score 14/30
Look into my eyes
Score 17/30
Spring Breaks though
Score 16/30
The Box set
Score 20/30
The Leap
Score 15/30
The Beauty in the window light
Score 14/30
The White Queen
Score 20/30
In the Loop
Score 17/30
Kinderdyk in Winter
Score 18/30
All Wrapped up
Score 18/30
Score 17/30


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  1. Hi Colin
    You have some very good images here in my opinion the only problem is the selectors for distinctions don’t have a clue about good standard portraiture / art nude … !
    Stick at it fella and good look for the future

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