My first home shoot with a model the stunning Nadia Saraphenia Achha.

The studio is very small and will hold challenges in the future, but will help with my creativity. The room is painted black so no reflections of lights with a black floor to  control light spill in the small space. These images were taken with 2 lights main light is a Profoto AD 600 with a deep parabolic modifier. Love the light this produces. A hair light added was a Profoto AD 200. I used my Sony A7Riii and a 85mm Sony 1.8 prime. 


Below I used on AD200 with a gridded strip modifier this was places at 90 deg to the model along the wall. I just love high contrast images ( I know these are not everyones cup of tea). The black walls will really helped me here as there was no light spill from the walls. 


The next two the light was directly at Nadia and I shot along the wall to give the contrast. Same gridded strip light. 

Next we moved into my home where I have a large space to use as a studio with backdrops and Natural light. The shots below were taken with the AD600 and the large Parabolic modifier. A reflector added below to fill the shadows. Taking advantage of Nadia’s amazing hair and stunning looks. 

The following images are all natural light in the same space. These were taken at 1/200s @ F1.8 and ISO 200. When Nadia came out in this outfit had to use my trusty Cowboy hat !!!

Finally I tried to use my Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm lens and a piece of cloth. These were hand held using the great manually focus assist( Peak picking) on the Sony A7Riii. I love the soft feel of these images. The aperture used was F4.3 which meant a slight increase in ISO but this is not a problem these days with modern cameras. 

A huge thanks to Nadia Saraphenia Achha I love working with this wonderful young women. I am sure we will be working together again soon.