Had the great pleasure of working with Darren at my Malmesbury Studio. I had a number of ideas for the shoot and Darren helped my fulfil my target for the day. 

First set was a Art Nude set as I needed a number of Images to finish my TRANSITION project so was looking for Venerability and Despair. Also male power as Darren has a fabulous toned body for this work. Certainly better than the photographers. 🙂

Settings used F.2.2 @ 1/200sec with my Sony 85mm F1.8  all lit with 2 strip boxes grided. 

These were shot with two lights a small snoot and the strips of light from a EF/Mount optical Snoot with a strips Gobo installed.  This time F6.3 @ 1/200 sec. The first two images were lit with a large Octobox. 

The above shots were a spur of the moment set. As I had just got some material and my trusty sword was around. So we went for a monk style as I thought Darren would be perfect for this. 

The final dark studio set involved Darrens Boxing equipment he had kindly brought along. These were shoot at F8 and 1/200 sec. Again with the large Octobox 

Finally we moved into my Natural light area for some fashion type images first set was with Darrens Peaky Blinders clothing. These were taken F1.8 @ 1/125sec ISO 100 on the 85mm Sony lens. 

Finally a very casual fashion set up again all natural light. F2.0 @ 1/200 sec ISO 100


Big thank you to Darren who I am sure we will be working together again in the future.