This shoot was a little of a departure for me. As it was a shared shoot and with one of my favourite photographers the amazing Tim Pile.

Therefore the setup of the images and the general feel of the shoot was a 3 way collaboration with Tim and Artemis. The flat that we had to work in, is Artemis’s home and a great studio to work in. If would like to work with her there,  you can find her at and on Intagram she is one of the best and most professional models I have ever worked with. 

As I have done so far all of the shots were on my Nikon D610 and were all natural light. 

This first image was taken from a doorway so the light was coming from behind me to create a very soft light. 50mm Prime lens was used at F2.0 1/160sec and Iso 200. 

These next 2 were taken against the same wall with the light coming in from the same doorway to the right. Thanks to Tim for holding the cloth. These have been processed in Photoshop with a combination of Nik software and Topaz plugins to create the painterly look. 


The next 2 images were from in idea of Tim’s to use the wall in the Kitchen due to the shapes on the wall. I was unsure with my images after the shoot. But working with them back to back I think has made an interesting image. These were at 24mm F4 1/400sec at ISO 800. By the way what a model so much effort to help make this work. 


We then played with the mirror which you just have to if it is there 🙂 . These were shot with the following settings :  Colour with my 5Omm prime at F1.6 and the Mono with my 105mm DC Prime full open at F2.0.

The front room of the flat has been decorated by Artemis in a vintage look and feel. Really love this room. So we used the big windows to create a soft but contrasty light as it was a normal February day in the UK. 

These were all taken at 50mm F2.0 but with various speed of shutter due to continuously changing light. 

Finally a couple more Portraits as Artemis has one of the greatest faces for portraiture. The first one in Colour is a image I am so happy with, my best shot of the shoot I think. This was using the side light from the window using my 105mm DC Nikon prime fully open at F2.0 . The second was Artemis’s idea, again as we had begun with the window light directly behind the camera. Same settings. 

Once again a huge thanks to Artemis as this was our 4th shoot together and everyone a winner and a big thanks to Tim Pile was great to meet up with him and hopefully we can do something together again. Thanks for taking time to read my blog. 

Colin Dixon.